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How to Disguise Your Voice

There are a few phone number and caller ID apps out there, but none of them offer SpoofCard’s level of functionality and overall convenience combined. SpoofCard is a suite of tools designed to help keep your personal information safe while you’re on the phone, and one of those tools that isn’t commonly available otherwise is the ability to disguise your voice with this app.

By disguising your voice with this app, you can choose to sound like an individual of the opposite gender—or a different person of your own gender. You can also opt to sound as you naturally do. This level of convenience and functionality can be modified at any time through their web-based interface, allowing you to alter how you sound literally from one phone call to the next.

How to Disguise Your Voice App with SpoofCard

There are many ways to disguise your voice like in this article.  However, this is one of SpoofCard’s attractive features. These settings are controllable through SpoofCard’s easy to use web-based interface. By using the disguise your phone app from SpoofCard, your actual gender becomes another piece of potentially identifying information which is concealed from callers of uncertain intent. Thanks to its proprietary algorithms, the voice simulation is smooth and high-quality. It works in real time because it works by modulating existing traits of your actual voice electronically.Disguise Your Voice on the Cell Phone

This allows for seamless communication, with no obvious lag time or delay in responses. Unlike many of the voice emulation software solutions of the last few years, SpoofCard’s voice emulation sounds smooth and natural. It takes advantage of natural speech patterns; they even claim that, if you can mimic a certain individual’s tone and inflection accurately yourself, you might be able to impersonal specific individuals of the opposite gender.

This isn’t the intended purpose of the app, of course. The ability to disguise your voice with this app is intended solely to help people with legitimate reasons keep their identities secure from those who might wish to take advantage of their personal information for malicious use. However, the fact that this is possible goes a long way towards ascertaining just how effective and functional the ability to disguise your voice with this app is.

How to Disguise Your Voice on Your Cell Phone

As is demonstrated in this video, it allows people to disguise their voices in a phone call. This is intended for use in maintaining professional information security and personal privacy, and it is one of the most seamless and effective disguises your phone apps on today’s market. Similar software is even used by law enforcement and other government operations, to help set up undercover operations. It is secure, effective, undetectable, and untraceable.

So, just how does it work?

After you purchase minutes, you can log in to your account through their web-based interface. This is a convenient, mobile-friendly, and easy to use interface that can be accessed by the same smartphone you’re using to make your calls. You can set your default account options through this interface.

Voice Disguise App

Each time you make a call, you can choose to have SpoofCard emulate your voice to sound like a person of the opposite gender. This isn’t like the clunky, clearly electronic and toneless computer voices from five or ten years ago. You’ll sound like a person, because SpoofCard preserves your tone and inflection. The SpoofCard app changes attributes, such as pitch and range, rather than trying to assign values directly. That is how to disguise your voice with this app.

Voice emulation is provided by SpoofCard’s servers. You dial in to SpoofCard’s network before making a call, just as you would with any other calling card or calling card software. Because the functionality of the app is entirely back-end, and is not based in user-end devices directly, the software’s impact on your resources is minimal—and the effect is entirely untraceable.

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Maybe you have legitimate professional concerns, or you’re worried—like many people are, and not without reason—about how your personal information is being used by telemarketers and con artists. The information age has only made issues like this an even larger concern for an ever-growing number of people. More and more of us conduct our personal and financial business online, making the availability of our personal information a matter of concern. Download the SpoofCard app today, and put some of those concerns to rest!

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