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How to Record Phone Calls

Have you ever been in a position where having a recording of a phone call would have been a lifesaver? This is one of the many helpful functions offered by SpoofCard, and is just one of the ways in which it helps you to protect your personal information online—by establishing authenticity as needed.

There is a reason why private investigators chase after recorded phone calls. With modern electronics and software, altering an audio recording without leaving a telltale trace is extraordinarily difficult and expensive—perhaps even impossible. Having a recording of a phone call, as a result, is virtually proof positive that certain information exchanged hands, acts were committed, or arrangements were agreed to. An app to record phone calls is a highly valuable asset, one that can prove invaluable in proving a case in court—or, just to help you remember some important piece of information that you forgot to write down.

100% Legal App to Record Phone Calls

The app offers a variety of functions to SpoofCard users. One of those functions, and arguably the most iconic, is the ability to “spoof” a phone call—to display a false user ID and phone number in the caller ID field of anybody you speak to on the phone. It’s entirely legal: nobody is entitled to your personal information, and cyber criminals can take that info and use it to steal your identity or your financial information.


Record Phone Call AppIn addition to this function, it also offers the ability to record spoofed phone calls. This capability can be efficiently managed through its user-friendly web-based interface. Any call, ingoing or outgoing, may be recorded, with all sides of the conversation being preserved. Because this occurs in SpoofCard’s servers, and not on any user end of the conversation, it’s completely undetectable, untraceable, and non-invasive.

You aren’t bugging anybody’s phone. You’re passively recording the conversation. It’s effective, easy to use, and 100% legal. A recorded call is immediately available for download to any internet connected device once a phone call has been completed.

Other Apps to Record Phone Calls

There are other software applications which can record phone calls, as well as other ways to record a call, but all of them suffer some profound disadvantages relative to SpoofCard.App to Record Phone Calls


  • Some of them are illegal, or highly restricted. Bugs and other listening devices are hardware devices that serve to actively listen in on the phone conversations of a targeted phone. In addition to a number of practical drawbacks, this is a highly restricted function. Depending on how you want to go about bugging someone, it’s either completely illegal outside of a law enforcement investigation with a warrant, or it’s restricted to those with private investigation licenses.
  • Bugs and surveillance software are target-specific. Most means of effectively monitoring a person’s telephone conversations are particular to a specific device or location. This is all well and good if you’re looking to protect yourself from a known, specific threat, but it doesn’t do much for your personal information security in any ongoing sense.
  • Surveillance can be very expensive. If you want to hire someone to monitor phone calls, that kind of service can be prohibitively expensive—especially for everyday use. The app to record phone calls works from any cell phone or mobile phone service, including disposable phones, and its most popular packages start at just $29.95… with no recurring or hidden fees. Just like a calling card, SpoofCard works through the use of a toll-free number.
  • Some forms of call monitoring are simply impractical. There are other hardware devices and software apps to record phone calls with. Some of these are device-specific, or they only catch one side of a conversation. They may be expensive, require constant monitoring, involve the use of special permits, or be heavyweight and user-end… meaning that they can potentially be discovered and disabled. The SpoofCard app works via their servers, and it uses end-to-end data encryption for maximum security.

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If you’ve ever found yourself needing to recall a phone conversation with pinpoint accuracy—whether for your own benefit or for the benefit of the doubt in court—you will appreciate the benefits afforded by the SpoofCard app to record phone calls. Sign up today and you can enjoy the benefits of undetectable, untraceable phone call recording right away!

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