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Spoofcard Coupon

There is a new reason to appreciate this awesome app more than ever before.  SpoofCard coupon codes and other promotional discounts are available. Try it for yourself at a discounted rate using an official discount code, and see just how amazingly effective and easy to use this app is. Once you’ve tried it for yourself, we’re confident that you’ll want to continue using the app to help keep yourself safe—by keeping your personal information out of the hands of those who might wish to use it with malicious intent.

This spoofing app is the latest, most revolutionary new digital information security service. A suite of tools in itself, it is designed to help you protect your identity while you’re on the phone. It can disguise your caller ID and phone number, allow you to record calls, go straight to another individual’s voicemail, and even smoothly module your voice to change your apparent gender. As with most powerful and highly functional software apps intended for security purposes, however, there is a price tag attached.

How Much Does It Normally Cost?

The most popular account option available today features 160 minutes of spoofed calling for $29.95. Like their other packages, this is strictly pay-as-you-go, so you can purchase additional packages each month as you require. If you know you’re going to need more spoofed minutes than that, you can buy one of the larger packages, with their largest being $99.95 for 600 minutes of spoofed calling.Pricing Packages

SpoofCard Coupon Code

Discount codes are released by the company to help encourage new users to give their service a try. They are confident, as are we, that you’ll want to keep using the app once you’ve evaluated its service for yourself. It is a safe, effective, and efficient way to keep your personal information out of the hands of those who have no business using it for their own ends—but it’s still nice to get the odd promo, right?

They maintain a strong affiliate network. Many coupons for this app are available, but not through them directly. Instead, you’ll find savings codes through the websites of their affiliates. These codes encourage people to sign up through affiliate websites. This provides an incentive for additional people to come on board as an affiliate for them, investing their time and money into marketing the app on the company’s behalf. They get new clients, the affiliates earn money off of each sale and you, the buyer, save money off of their normal rates. It’s a win-win-win situation!

How to Find These Promo Codes offers an amazing coupon. Click here now and save up to 20% on the purchase of additional spoofed minutes.

With their largest available packages, this can save you up to $20 per purchase! If you need to spoof multiple phone calls per week, or even per month, this will reflect significant savings on this valuable service over time.

Are Discount Codes Exclusive for New Users?

Discount codes are not restricted to new users of the service: there are no automatically recurring monthly charge applied to your credit card. They do not rely solely on subscriptions, which makes it a convenient, as-you-need-it solution to older methods of identity protection.

Many of these were services offered by the phone companies, which added an additional monthly service charge to subscribers’ bills.

You purchase additional minutes as you need them, and—if you have a valid discount code—you can benefit from a reduced rate every time that you do. This user-friendly and economical approach is just one more reason why this is one of the most popular spoofing apps on today’s market, with more than four million account holders across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Try SpoofCard for Yourself!

Enjoy this app with a SpoofCard coupon code. Give the service a try, and you’ll come to see just how efficiently it provides a genuine measure of protection for your identity during phone calls.

With no means available today to trace the use of the app, or to uncover a user’s personal information (short of a court order), it is the best solution available for keeping your personal data out of the hands of those who would misuse it. Reduce your risk of identity theft and financial loss by signing up for an account today!

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