International Use

International Calling

SpoofCard is now available in a number of countries around the world, making it an even more flexible and viable option for protecting your personal information—particularly while engaging in international business-to-business dealings. Meanwhile, private users in these locations may now enjoy the enhanced digital security and personal data protection that they provide.

SpoofCard UK

UK FlagThey now offer toll-free access to UK subscribers, allowing citizens of the UK to engage in both business and personal calls with reduced fear of sensitive private information being put to illicit use.

SpoofCard United Kingdom is the first service to offer phone number and caller ID spoofing to every mobile phone user within the United Kingdom! Their UK Service is a convenient, affordable, and user-friendly service with its own dedicated call-in number to facilitate toll-free, phone-card style use that’s specific to the UK. While the app emphasizes the fun, entertainment-oriented aspects of the service, their service is absolutely secure and equivalently beneficial to keeping your personal information safe from those who would misuse it. It’s completely legitimate—and even comes with a free trial!

SpoofCard Australia

Australian FlagData theft and personal online security are increasing concerns in Australia as incidents of scams, con artistry, and identity theft are on the rise. Through the use of its toll-free access number in Sydney, Australians may now sign up for the app and use its proven services to help keep their identities safe—regardless of who they’re speaking to on the phone. With SpoofCard now available in Australia, you never have to worry about someone with malicious intent getting your personal information and stealing your identity as a means to commit further acts of theft or fraud. There’s simply no way for a hacker or a con artist to directly uncover the actual information associated with a person who spoofs their calls using the app.

Scroll down for their universal signup page, and take advantage of their free trial offer!

SpoofCard India

Indian FlagIndia is an emerging global superpower and one of the leaders in modernization and technological advancement. Their recently acquired status as a technological leader in multiple international industries comes with a dark side, however: incidents of digital information theft and identity fraud are increasingly common across India.

Currently, they have no toll-free access numbers available in India. However, India is next on the list of countries into which the service is intended to be expanded. With a growing number of victims of identity theft and information crimes in India, citizens who are concerned about the security of their personal information online should follow them online and on social media. SpoofCard poised to be the first caller ID and phone number spoofing service to be made available to every mobile phone user in India.

SpoofCard Canada

Canadian FlagCanada was one of their earliest viable territories. SpoofCard Canada remains a vital service today, as portions of rural Canada are a hotbed of international identity theft rings and wire fraud scams. By using their app, Canadian citizens can call into one of a number of toll-free numbers based throughout the country—including Montreal, Toronto, and Alberta, among others! Use the toll-free number closest to your location for the best, most reliable service, and keep your personal data secure—no matter who is on the other side of the line!

Sign up for their Canadian service today, and receive a free trial on this valuable information security service. With so many means available online to affordably uncover everything that there is to know about a person, there’s little point in taking the risk of losing your personal and financial information to a scammer or other cybercriminal. Use their app, and stay safe—no matter what!

Buy SpoofCard Today!

Click here to sign up for the service and download their app! Then, visit the access numbers page to find the toll-free number that is relevant to your country of origin or current residence. Use that number, and make your spoofed calls just as though you were using an ordinary phone card. With a free trial of their service available, you’ve got nothing to lose—except your personal data security, if you delay! Sign up now!

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